Welcome to PIAZZA, your source for Restaurant and Retail Expansion, Construction, and Cost Saving solutions.

We are Owner's Representatives for the Development and Construction of Restaurant and Retail projects.

National chain operators in the Restaurant and Retail Industry such as Applebee's, The Limited, McDonalds, Starbucks, Target, etc. have on-staff Development and Construction Teams that serve as Owner's Reps. 

These Development and Construction teams are responsible for site selection, entitlements, permitting, plan review, bidding, value engineering, and constructing their units throughout the country.  They oversee the brokers, architects and engineers, surveyors, contractors, and vendors.  They evaluate new products, monitor and control costs, review leases, negotiate change orders, and coordinate with Operations to ensure on time openings.  

Those teams, which cost millions of dollars per year in salaries alone, exist because those leading companies realize that the expense for those teams is the best way to protect both their brand and their profits.

But what if you aren't a multi-million dollar company?  What do you do if you cannot afford to hire a full time Development and Construction Team?  Where do you go if you are only building handful of units, or even one unit per year?   

The answer is PIAZZA.

You can afford to have someone in your corner throughout the permitting and construction process because our services are available not just for multiple sites, but on a site by site basis as well.  This means you can have a Development and Construction team working for you when you are building, without the overhead expense of a development staff when you are not.

Let our experience be a part of your success.

Please take a moment to browse through our services to see if PIAZZA can be the missing link to growing your chain.

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