Owner's Representative

Restaurant Development Consultants
What is the role of an Owner's Rep and why do you need one?  

An Owner's Representative exists to protect the best interests of the Owner.  

Traditionally, the Owner's Rep is an employee of the company.  But with the increasing specialization of the development and construction processes throughout the nation, it frequently is not feasible for a company to retain a staff of all of the individuals needed to perform all of those tasks.  Especially if they are only building a few units a year.

So how do you choose someone you can trust to represent and protect your company?  

You choose someone outside of the standard process.

PIAZZA can function as an Owner's Representative for our clients because we have only one motive during the entitlement, permitting, and construction process: getting our clients OPEN on time and under budget.

We do not do Architectural, Engineering, or Landscape Drawings.  We do not provide Furniture, Fixtures, Millwork, Kitchen Equipment, or Lighting.  We do not have a Contractor's License, nor physically do any of the Construction.  

We do not make money off of any of these goods or services, so our only goal is serving YOU!

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