Are we on schedule?

It's a simple question to which there never seems to be a simple answer.

Most contractors think they are on schedule...until the end of the project when they suddenly realize that cannot possibly get everything done within the next week.  

Suddenly hiring, marketing, store opening,
and everything else has to be pushed back! 

The whole project is in crisis, everyone is 
angry, and blaming everyone else.

How can you avoid this?  

Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling.

CPM Scheduling was a corporate buzzword 
a few years ago that quickly fell out of vogue 
because few people were ever willing to spend the time to do it correctly.  Simply stated, critical path method is the interconnecting of every single aspect of your project that creates continuous "path" from start to finish. The advantage of this is that it allows the user to see how missing just one date can create a domino effect that may delay the entire project.

We create a detailed Critical Path Schedule for each project so we always know what the Vendors and Contractors should be doing, compared to where they may be, on any given day.

Using our years of experience with restaurant contractors around the country we will create a schedule for you based on typical crew sizes for each subcontracted trade.  Additionally we will insert delivery dates of your kitchen equipment, lighting, decor, soda, on-site hiring, training, and grand opening dates.

We break down the schedule day by day so if you show up on the seventh week of a twelve week schedule, you'll know exactly what should be happening for every trade on that day, and if its not done you can ask why.  

This will give you the time to take corrective action early in process instead of at the eleventh hour.

Take control of your Opening with PIAZZA!

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