Franchisor & Franchisee Support

In today's economy smart companies are evaluating every role in their corporate office staff, consolidating some positions, and unfortunately eliminating others.  

Franchisor's have the responsibility to provide some level of construction support in order to guarantee that their brand and image are maintained. But with the uncertainties of permitting, plan review timing, and financing, it is sometimes hard to justify keeping a full time Construction Department on staff. This often leaves Franchisees with no construction related support, or they are being supported by someone who has little or no development or construction expertise.

The ideal situation for any Franchisor would be to retain someone only when the franchisees are expanding. This is possible with PIAZZA.

We at PIAZZA can provide the support that your Franchisees need from Permitting, to choosing Architects and Contractors, to overseeing the On-Site Construction, ensuring the Franchisee's projects meet their Opening Dates.

Most importantly, we can be a last line of defense to protect your brand and company image.  We'll meet with you to develop your corporate standards to be sure that the colors, the signage, the materials, and the equipment all meet your brand standards.


It all comes down to profit.  You've invested in a company because you believe in the brand, the product, and the systems.  You signed on as a Franchisee because you believe that if you are able to find a site for X per month, and the construction costs come in below Y, and sales are at least Z, that you will be profitable.

No one can guarantee sales, but we will watch the costs for design and construction as though they were our own.  PIAZZA will treat you as the Franchisee with the respect you deserve from the beginning.  We can find the errors in the "standard prototype" drawings, value engineer the "non-brand" specifications in the places that will not affect the quality of the building, and monitor the design consultants to keep your permitting on schedule.  Most importantly we work hard in order to protect your budget and your timeline so the construction happens quickly and you open on schedule.

Grow with PIAZZA!

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