Prototype Shrinking
How much smaller can we make the building?

Its a common question throughout the industry.  Smaller prototypes are becoming the standard throughout many national chains.  Some choose to make all of their buildings smaller; others choose two or three different designs based on projected sales.

Whichever route you choose, the decision requires serious consideration.  

Even large restaurant chains have made the mistake of making the blanket mandate that the building will be reduced by 1000 SF.  After the first one is built, and ten more are in the middle of permitting, they realize that the cookline is too narrow to open the refrigerators, almost all of the storage area has been eliminated so they need more deliveries per week, and now there aren't enough bathroom fixtures to meet local codes in certain areas.  They then begin adding square footage back into the building, and eventually find the true size of the new prototype. 

We at PIAZZA will help you make the tough decisions that truly determine what the realistic next size of your smaller building should be.  We accomplish this through defining goals, observing your operations in the field, and comparing actual orders to kitchen volumes.

We will provide a base floor plan and equipment layout for review and discussion and then work with your operations to develop that into a completed design layout that you can give to your architectural team.

"Shrink" your prototype with PIAZZA.

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