Value Engineering
Everyone is looking for ways to lower costs.  

The first place most expanding restaurant chains look for savings is new store construction, but they don't know who to turn to for real answers.  

Square foot cost estimating guides are unreliable at best when it comes to restaurants.  Vendors usually claim their their products are competitive with other brands no matter the actual price.  The architect rarely sees bids from the subcontractors, and most general contractors don't have the time to give the owner a detailed breakdown of their cost options.

The solution to this problem is PIAZZA.

We will review your drawings in three distinct ways:

Construction:  Starting with the building we use a "tradesman's perspective." Meaning we look at what materials are the most expensive, what parts of the building require the most labor to build, what items are going to be long term maintenance nightmares, and what are the "gray areas" in the drawings where contractors could submit change orders because the drawings are unclear.

Engineering:  We then review your drawings from an Engineering standpoint confirming that that you are maximizing your plumbing, electrical, and (most importantly) HVAC designs to maximize your investment versus the long term operating cost. 

Equipment:  Lastly, we look at the design of the Kitchen Equipment: What pieces of custom fabricated equipment could be replaced with "buy-out" items? Which buyout items could be replaced with a less expensive specification, or one with a better operational record.  And at what point it makes sense to use remote refrigeration instead of self-contained.

We look at everything inside and outside of your building to maximize your profit by minimizing your expansion costs.

Restaurant Development Consultants
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